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Remodeling your home can become an obsession for some people. One piece of furniture turns into three, the kitchen remodel turns into a giant project, and the landscaping requires a landscape architect, huge trees, a pergola, and perennials. Here are four remodeling ideas for your bathroom that won’t send you to the poorhouse:

1. Granite or Marble Countertops
The trend in bathroom design for countertops is marble or granite slab, preferably of a neutral in color, as they’re more popular. Since the size of the bathroom countertop is typically smaller than that of a kitchen, the cost seems less. To save even more, consider a slab with imperfections or colors that aren’t so neutral but still look beautiful. It’s amazing the variety and variegation you can find in granite or marble if you shop around.
2. Fixture Replacements
Think about updating the bathroom’s light fixtures, racks, and drawer hardware. Even though these seem like small fixes, they make a huge difference. There are many wonderful online sources for the three items that will really enhance the space.
3. Paint Update
Paint colors come in and out of fashion, just like clothes. Updating your bathroom’s paint job will make a substantial difference without much investment. You could also re-caulk the lines around your tub and sink and clean/replace grout between the tiles.
4. Tile Work
Consider re-tiling a high impact area, such as the floor. Since the labor for laying tile is so expensive, this limits the area and the cost. The more elaborate the tile design, the higher the cost of material, so try to find something simple and beautiful. You can always use the more elaborate, expensive tiles as accent pieces.

As you can see, a bathroom revival doesn’t have to involve a major construction job. By making these recommended changes, you’ll have a complete update without breaking the bank. Enjoy your project!

Posted on September 18, 2015 at 4:05 pm by Debby Bright

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